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Keping Huang

Time: 2024-04-01 To 2024-07-15

Affiliation: Harbin Institute of Technology

Yuanyang Jiang

Time: 2024-04-01 To 2024-09-01

Affiliation: Université Paris-Saclay

Office: PHD13-5

Zhuchao Ji

Time: 2024-04-02 To 2024-05-09

Affiliation: 西湖大学

Alexander Drewitz

Time: 2024-04-03 To 2024-04-09

Affiliation: Mathematisches Institut der Universität zu Köln

Yiqian Wang

Time: 2024-04-04 To 2024-04-06

Affiliation: Nanjing University

Ke Feng

Time: 2024-04-09 To 2024-05-12

Affiliation: School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Marat Akhmet

Time: 2024-04-17 To 2024-04-28

Affiliation: Middle East Technical University

Genkai Zhang

Time: 2024-04-21 To 2024-04-26

Affiliation: Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg

Shige Peng

Time: 2024-04-21 To 2024-04-28

Affiliation: Shandong University

Ying Jiao

Time: 2024-04-21 To 2024-04-30

Affiliation: University Claude Bernard Lyon 1