The Advisory Committee


The advisory committee gives the guiding advices for the whole development of BICMR, proposes questions and suggestions in aspects such as discipline construction, talents training, system innovation, domestic cooperation and international exchange of BICMR, and also provides suggestions for the theme of BICMR's annual scientific activities. 

  • Honorary Chairmen

    Shisun Ding
    Wenjun Wu
  • Chairmen

    Jianhua Lin
  • Vice-Chairmen

    Kung-ching Chang
    Boju Jiang
  • Members (In order of the surname):

    Mufa Chen

    (Beijing Normal University)

    Louis H.Y. Chen

    (National University of Singapore)

    Keqin Feng

    (Tsinghua University)

    Boling Guo

    (Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics)

    Daqian Li

    (Fudan University)

    Qun Lin

    (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

    Yingming Liu

    (Sichuan University)

    Yiming Long

    (Nankai University)

    Zhiming Ma

    (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

    Jie Wang

    (Peking University)

    Shiquan Wang

    (City University of Hong Kong)

    Jia'an Yan

    (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

    Tao Zhan

    (Ministry of Education)

    Laiwu Zhang

    (Ministry of Science and Technology)