Visiting Program of Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research

In order to stimulate communications and cooperation within the math community, Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR) welcomes mathematicians from all over the world to visit our Center. The following is a general guideline for our visiting program.


1. Categories

There are two types of visits. The "short-term visit" is less than three weeks, and the "long-term visit" is usually more than one month and less than one year.


2. Future participants

Both "short-term visit" and "long-term visit" are open to mathematicians from all over the world, while the "long-term visit" program emphasizes on the group of young mathematicians during the early stage of their career. We encourage young mathematicians to cooperate with faculty members in Peking University.


3. Financial supports

We provide office rooms, desktop computers, free internet services and accommodation for all successful applicants. Financial support is provided on a daily basis for short-term visitors, and monthly basis for long-term visitors. Travel compensations may be possible for long term visitors depending on availability of funding.


4. Requirement (long-term visitors)

Long-term visitors are required to submit a brief research report to BICMR within one month when they finished the visit. All visitors are expected to acknowledge BICMR’s support in their publications for the work carried out at BICMR.


5. Applications

(a) Application materials include: Curriculum Vitae (including your research field), a list of recent publications and the date ranges of desired stay.

(b) Applications for long-term visit are required to submit a research statement, describing research background, recent progress and future direction of research.

(c) Only one application is needed for the group of applicants cooperating on the same project.

(d)Applications for long-term visit must be submitted at least six months in advance.

(e) Applications for short-visit must be submitted at least two months in advance.


6. How to apply

Please send all application documents and other related materials to the email address:


7. Approval

The scientific committee of BICMR is responsible for reviewing all applications and choosing the successful applicants.