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Journal Publications

  1. Yuanyuan Xiong, Binbin Wu, Fei Du, Xiaolu Guo, Caihuan Tian, Jinrong Hu, Shouqin Lu, Mian Long, Lei Zhang*, Ying Wang*, Yuling Jiao*. A phytohormone cascade regulates leaf shape by modulating directional growth, submitted.

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  4. Xiaolu Guo, Tao Tang, Minxuan Duan, Lei Zhang*, Hao Ge*. The Nonequilibrium Mechanism of Noise Enhancer synergizing with Activator in HIV Latency Reactivation, bioRxiv 2020.01.14.905653. [Link]

  5. Yucen Han, Jianyuan Yin, Pingwen Zhang, Apala Majumdar, Lei Zhang*. Solution landscape of a reduced Landau--de Gennes model on a hexagon, arXiv:2003.07643. [Link]

  6. Ruotai Li, Qiang Du, Lei Zhang*. Numerical discretization of variational phase field model for phase transitions in ferroelectric thin films, Commun. Comput. Phys., accepted. [Link]

  7. Jianyuan Yin, Bing Yu, Lei Zhang*. Searching the solution landscape by generalized high-index saddle dynamics, SCIENCE CHINA Mathematics, accepted. [Link]

  8. Kuan Tao, Jin Wang, Xiangyu Kuang, Weikang Wang, Feng Liu*, Lei Zhang*. Tuning cell motility via cell tension with a mechanochemical cell migration model, Biophysical Journal, 118, 2894–2904 (2020). [Link]

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  20. Boyan Li, Lei Zhang*, Chengliang Li, Qiulin Li, Jun Chen, Guogang Shu, Yuqing Weng, Ben Xu, Shenyang Hu*, Wei Liu*. Phase Field Simulation of Critical Nuclei and Minimum Energy Paths of Cu/Mn/Ni Precipitates in Fe-Cu-Mn (Ni) Alloys, Journal of Nuclear Materials 507, 59-67, 2018. [Link]

  21. Peijia Yu, Qing Nie*, Chao Tang*, Lei Zhang*. Nanog induced intermediate state in regulating stem cell differentiation and reprogramming, BMC Systems Biology 12:22, 2018. [Link]

  22. Bihai Shi, Xiaolu Guo, Ying Wang, Ken-ichiro Hayashi, Jinzhi Lei, Lei Zhang*, Yuling Jiao*. Feedback from Lateral Organs Controls Shoot Apical Meristem Growth by Modulating Auxin Transport, Developmental Cell, 44, 204-216, 2018. [Link]

  23. Boyan Li, Lei Zhang*, Chengliang Li, Shenyang Hu, Qiulin Li, Jun Chen, Guogang Shu, Yuqing Weng, Ben Xu*, Wei Liu*. Finding Non-Classical Critical Nuclei and Minimum Energy Path of Cu Precipitates in Fe-Cu Alloys, Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng. 25 085006, 2017. [pdf]

  24. Yanru An, Guosheng Xue, Xiaowei Zhou, Weichuan Yu, Toyotaka Ishibashi, Lei Zhang*, Yan Yan*. Apical constriction is driven by a pulsatile apical myosin network in delaminating Drosophila neuroblasts, Development, 144, 2153-2164, 2017. [Link]

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Conference Publications and Monograph

  1. Lei Zhang, Long-qing Chen, Qiang Du. Phase-field Prediction of Critical Nucleus Morphology in Solids", Proceeding of the Fourth International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling, Tallahassee, FL, pp. 514-517, October 2008. [pdf]