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Lu (Lucy) Klinger (曹露)

Ph.D., University of Sydney, 2019

Research area: Mean-field game theory

Email: lucyk_at_bicmr.pku.edu.cn

XU Zhen (徐真)

Ph.D., Beijing Normal University, 2019

Research area: Scientific Computing, phase field method

Email: xuzhen_at_bicmr.pku.edu.cn

ZHANG Yuzhe (张雨泽)

Ph.D., The Hong Kong Polytechnic university, 2019

Research area: Numerical algorithms of partial differential equations

Email: zhangyuze9199_at_126.com

Graduate students

QIAO Lingxia (乔灵霞)

Graduate student, Math

Lingxia obtained her B.S. from Beijing Normal University in 2014. She is working on the biological function of topology network.

Email: qlx_at_pku.edu.cn

GUO Xiaolu (郭晓露)

Graduate student, co-supervised with Prof. Weinan E, Math

Xiaolu obtained her B.S. from Nankai University in 2014. She wrote a paper on stem cell in plant together with biologists. Now she is working on the project of HIV virus.

Email: weather_at_pku.edu.cn

HAN Yucen (韩雨岑)

Graduate student, Math

Yucen obtained her B.S. from Jilin University in 2015. She is studying the transition states in liquid crystal defects.

Email: hanyc_at_pku.edu.cn

ZHAO Wei (赵伟)

Graduate student, CQB

ZHAO Wei obtained his B.S. from Peking University Health Science Center in 2015. He is working on the biological network and epigenetics.

Email: zhaowei15_at_pku.edu.cn

LI Ruotai (李若泰)

Graduate student, Math

Ruotai obtained his B.S. from Sichuan University in 2016. He is studying the numerical algorithm of rare events and saddle point.

Email: liruotai_at_pku.edu.cn

YU Bing (俞炳)

Graduate student, Math

YU Bing obtained his B.S. from Peking University in 2016. He is working on the global optimization algorithm for computing saddle point.

Email: yubia_at_pku.edu.cn

YIN Jianyuan (殷鉴远)

Graduate student, Math, co-supervised with Prof. Pingwen Zhang, Math

Jianyuan obtained his B.S. from Peking University in 2017. He has developed a numerical algorihtm to compute high index saddle point and been working on the application in Bose–Einstein condensates.

Email: yinjy_at_pku.edu.cn

YAN Shiyu (闫诗宇)

Graduate student, CQB

Shiyu obtained her B.S. from China Agricultural University in 2017. She is working on the bioinformatics and epigenetics data.

Email: xiaoyannuonuo_at_163.com

KUANG Xiangyu (匡翔宇)

Graduate student, CQB, co-supervised with Prof. Minghua Deng

KUANG Xiangyu obtained his B.S. from Nankai University in 2018. He is working on mechino-chemical modeling of cell migration.

Email: 1801111519_at_pku.edu.cn

LUO Yue (罗月)

Graduate student, Math

LUO Yue obtained his B.S. from Xiamen University in 2019. He is working on numerical methods of saddle points and solution landscape.

Email: moonluo_at_pku.edu.cn

XIE Di (谢地)

Master student, Math

XIE Di obtained his B.S. from China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) in 2018. He is working on solution landscape of phase field model.

Email: xiedi1997_at_gmail.com

DU Bin (杜斌)

Master student, Math

DU Bin obtained his B.S. from Dalian University of Technology in 2019. He just joined the group and will study energy landscape and solution landscape.

Email: 1901210080_at_pku.edu.cn

Undergraduate students

  • CHENG Xiao'ou(程晓鸥), Class 2016 (Math), PKU;
  • XIAO Xinyu (肖新宇), Class 2016 (Math), PKU;
  • TONG Jiabao (童家宝), Class 2016 (Math), PKU;
  • Huang Zhen (黄桢), Class 2017 (Math), PKU;
  • GUO Yixiao (郭义销), Class 2017 (Math), PKU;
  • ZHU Xu (朱旭), Class 2017 (Math), PKU;
  • DONG Xinyan (董昕妍), Class 2017 (Math), PKU;


    Graduate Students
  • TAO Kuan (陶宽), Ph.D. 2019 (CQB), Peking University;
    Current position: Assistant Professor at Beijing Sports University.
  • WANG Xue (王雪), Master 2017 (Math), Peking University;
    Current position: Teacher at the Affiliated High School of Peking University.

  • Undergraduate Students
  • SUN Yuanxun (孙元逊), 2019 (Math), PKU; now graduate student in PKU.
  • WEI Jingrong (韦静蓉), 2019 (Math), PKU; now graduate student in UC Irvine.
  • Zirui Xu (徐子睿), 2018 (Math), PKU; now graduate student in Columbia U.
  • TANG Tao (唐韬), 2018 (Life science), PKU; now graduate student in Duke U.
  • YU Peijia (于沛加), 2017 (CQB), Peking University .
  • YU Lun (于伦), 2014 (Math), Peking University; Phd candidate at Northwestern after graduation.
  • WEI Xiaoyu (魏晓宇), 2014 (Math), Peking University; Phd candidate at HKUST after graduation.

Group photo in Beijing Botanical Garden, Sept. 22, 2018