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Mengdi Wang

Time: 2016-07-25 To 2016-07-31

Affiliation: Princeton University

Rongjie Lai

Time: 2016-07-27 To 2016-08-07

Affiliation: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Ruotai Li

Time: 2016-07-31 To 2016-09-03

Affiliation: Sichuan University

Giuseppe Tinaglia

Time: 2016-08-01 To 2016-08-31

Affiliation: King's College London

Tong Zhang

Time: 2016-08-01 To 2016-08-31

Affiliation: Durham University

Wenhua Wei

Time: 2016-08-02 To 2016-08-25

Affiliation: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Jean-Michel Morel

Time: 2016-08-03 To 2016-08-09

Affiliation: École Normale Supérieure de Cachan

Zhigang Jia

Time: 2016-08-19 To 2016-08-25

Affiliation: Jiangsu Normal University

Decai Shi

Time: 2016-08-21 To 2016-08-24

Affiliation: Xidian University

An-Chang Shi

Time: 2016-09-01 To 2016-11-30

Affiliation: McMaster University