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Chong You

Email: youchong6968@msn.com
Phone: 44202 Office: Quan 21-1

Research: Model selection, Mixed model, variational Bayes

Haimiao Zhang

Email: hmzhang@pku.edu.cn
Phone: 44203 Office: Quan 20-2

Research: Medical image reconstruction and analysis, deep learning for medical imaging

Dongyi Wei

Email: jnwdyi@163.com
Phone: (010)62744196 Office: Quan 27-2

Research: Partial Differential Equations and Differential Geometry

Aditya Karnataki

Email: adityack@bicmr.pku.edu.cn
Phone: 44193 Office: Quan 31-1

Research: Congruences of automorphic forms, p-adic Hodge theory, analytic number theory

Homepage: http://bicmr.pku.edu.cn/~karnataki/

Zhisu Li

Email: lizhisu@bicmr.pku.edu.cn
Phone: (010)62744205 Office: Quan 18-1

Research: Partial Differential Equations and Differential Geometry

Lovy Singhal

Email: lsd@bicmr.pku.edu.cn
Phone: (010)62744199 Office: Quan 22-2

Research: Ergodic theory and Dynamical systems, Number theory

Xiangsheng Wang

Email: wangxiangsheng@bicmr.pku.edu.cn
Phone: 44219 Office: Quan 3-2

Research: Global analysis on manifolds

Peichu Xie

Email: 1706391001@pku.edu.cn
Office: Quan 34-2

Research: Wavelet analysis and its applications; Discrete and continuum models in scientific

Mengjia Xu

Email: mengjia_xu@bicmr.pku.edu.cn
Phone: (010)62744208 Office: Quan 15-1

Research: Medical image analysis, machine learning and pattern classification

Yashan Zhang

Email: yashanzh@pku.edu.cn
Phone: (010)62744203 Office: Quan 20-1

Research: Geometric Analysis