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  1. 2020/08, Congratulations to Ruotai Li for his paper “Numerical discretization of variational phase field model for phase transitions in ferroelectric thin films" has been accepted by Commun. Comput. Phys.. This is a joint work with Prof. Qiang Du (Columbia University).
  2. 2020/07, Welcome Dr. Donghang ZHANG (PhD at AMSS, CAS) join our group!
  3. 2020/07, Congratulations to Bing Yu and Jianyuan Yin for their paper “Searching the solution landscape by generalized high-index saddle dynamics" has been accepted by SCIENCE CHINA Mathematics.
  4. 2020/06, Congratulations to QIAO Lingxia, GUO Xiaolu, HAN Yucen, ZHAO Wei for successfully passing the thesis defense! They will be postdocs at UCSD,UCLA,U. of Strathclyde, UCI, respectively.
  5. 2020/04, Congratulations to Dr. Kuan Tao for his paper “Tuning cell motility via cell tension with a mechanochemical cell migration model” has been accepted by Biophysical Journal. This is a joint work with Prof. Feng Liu (CQB, PKU).
  6. 2020/04, Congratulations to Ruotai Li for his paper “Variational Phase Field Formulations of Polarization and Phase Transition in Ferroelectric Thin Films” has been accepted by SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics. This is a joint work with Prof. Qiang Du (Columbia University).
  7. 2020/04, Congratulations to Yucen Han for her paper “A Reduced Study for Nematic Equilibria on Two-Dimensional Polygons” has been accepted by SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics. This is a joint work with Prof. Apala Majumdar (University of Strathclyde).
  8. 2020/03, Congratulations to Bing Yu for his paper “Global optimization-based dimer method for finding saddle points” has been accepted by Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. Ser. B.
  9. 2020/03, Congratulations to Jianyuan Yin for publishing the paper “Construction of a pathway map on a complicated energy landscape” in Phys. Rev. Lett.. This work is joint with Prof. Pingwen Zhang and Prof. Jeff Z.Y. Chen in University of Waterloo.
  10. 2019/12, Congratulations to Yucen Han and Zirui Xu for publishing the paper “Pathways connecting two opposed bilayers with a fusion pore: a molecularly-informed phase field approach” in Soft Matter. This work is joint with Prof. An-Chang Shi in McMaster University.
  11. 2019/11, Congratulations to Jianyuan Yin for publishing the paper “High-index Optimization-based Shrinking Dimer Method for Finding High-Index Saddle Points” in SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing. This work is joint with Prof. Pingwen Zhang.
  12. 2019/09, Welcome Dr. Yuzhe ZHANG (Poly. University of Hong Kong) join our group!
  13. 2019/09, We published the paper “Network topologies that can achieve dual function of adaptation and noise attenuation” in Cell Systems. Lingxia Qiao and Wei ZHAO are the co-first authors
  14. 2019/07, Welcome Dr. Lu (Lucy) Klinger (University of Sydney), Dr. Zhen Xu (Beijing Normal University) join our group!
  15. 2019/06, Congratulations to Yucen Han to publish the paper "Transition Pathways between Defect Patterns in Confined Nematic Liquid Crystals" in Journal of Computational Physics. This work is joint with Prof. Pingwen Zhang and Yucheng Hu (Tsinghua University).
  16. 2019/06, Congratulations to our group member, TAO Kuan, succesfully passed the thesis defense. He will join the Beijing Sports University in Fall.
  17. 2019/05, We succesfully held the 4th A3 Workshop on Mathematical Life Science in BICMR, Peking University.
  18. 2018/03, Associate Professor Lei Zhang awarded Royal Society Newton Advanced Fellowship entitled “Solution Landscapes in the Landau-de Gennes theory for Nematic Liquid Crystals”, joint with Dr. Apala Majumdar, University of Bath.
  19. 2018/02, We published a paper in BMC Systems Biology to quantitatively show a dual role of Nanog during stem cell differentiation and reprogramming, and the importance of the intermediate state during cell state transitions. The former rotating student in our group, Peijia YU (CQB), is the first author, Lei Zhang, Qing Nie, and Chao Tang are co-corresponding authors.
  20. 2018/01, We collaborated with Dr. Yuling Jiao's group from Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and published a paper "Feedback from Lateral Organs Controls Shoot Apical Meristem Growth by Modulating Auxin Transport" in Developmental Cell,Our group member, Ms. Xiaolu Guo, is the co-first author.
  21. 2017/05, Zhang's Lab and Yan's Lab (HKUST) has published a paper in Development to demonstrate the critical role of the pulsatile apical myosin network in delaminating Drosophila neuroblasts. Lei Zhang and Yan Yan are co-corresponding authors.
  22. 2017/03, Zhang’s Lab Liu’s Lab jointly established a mechano-chemical cell polarity model that was published in PLoS Computational Biology in 01/30/2017, Kuan TAO is the co-first author.
  23. 2016/09, ZHANG Lei gave a speech for 2016 openning ceremony of School of Mathematical Sciences, PKU.
  24. 2016/08, ZHANG Lei was granted the 2016 Excellent Youth Award from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (基金委优秀青年科学基金).
  25. 2016/07, International Workshop on Interdisciplinary Research between Mathematics and Biology, PKU, Beijing, July 16-17, 2016.
  26. 2016/07, PKU Modern Mathematical Biology Summer School, Beijing, July 11-22, 2016.
  27. 2016/04, A3 Workshop on Interdisciplinary Research Connecting Mathematics and Biology, PKU, Beijing, April 22-24, 2016.
  28. 2015/09, 北大数学与生物交叉实验室 (Bio-Math Lab) was established.
  29. 2014/09, 2014 Workshop on Systems Biology, BICMR, Peking University, China, Sept. 7-9, 2014.