This seminar series usually meets on Wednesday afternoon 3:30pm - 5pm online.


Sep. 21 Stefan SchreiederZoom link Password: 976309
Oct. 5Olivier Benoist
Nov. 9 Mingmin Shen
Nov. 23 Lie Fu
Nov. 30 Zsolt Patakfalvi
Dec. 14 Jean Fasel

Talk information

Stefan Schreieder (Hannover)

Time: September 21, 15:30-17:00

Zoom Link Password: 976309

Title: A moving lemma for cohomology with support.

Abstract: For a natural class of cohomology theories with support, we prove a moving lemma for cohomology classes with support on smooth quasi-projective k-varieties that admit a smooth projective compactification. This has the following consequences for such k-varieties and cohomology theories: a local and global generalization of the effacement theorem of Quillen, Bloch–Ogus, and Gabber, a finite level version of the Gersten conjecture in characteristic zero, and a generalization of the injectivity property and the codimension 1 purity theorem for 'etale cohomology. Our results imply that refined unramified cohomology groups of smooth projective varieties are motivic invariants.