Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research, Peking University
Analysis and PDE Seminar

Fall 2021

Time (Beijing time, UTC+8): Thursdays at 10am-11am, or in the afternoon in special cases

Organizers: Baoping Liu, Jiajun Tong, Zhenfu Wang, Weijun Xu, and Shiwu Yang

We have a mixture of online and offline talks. Abstracts, time and location (or Zoom information), when available, may be viewed by clicking on the title of the talk.

If you have any questions about our seminar, please contact the organizers.

(Click the titles for abstracts, time, and location)
September 23 Speaker : Quoc-Hung Nguyen (AMSS-CAS)

Title: Mean-Field Limits of Riesz-type Singular Flows (Offline talk)
September 30 Speaker: Chong Song (Xiamen University)

Title: Skew Mean Curvature Flow (Online talk)
October 14 Speaker: Cheng Zhang (University of Rochester)

Title: Weyl Laws of Schrodinger Operators on Riemannian Manifolds (Online talk)
October 21 Speaker: Li Xu (Beihang University)

Title: Long Time Existence for Surface Waves Boussinesq Systems (Offline talk)
October 28 Speaker: Yu Deng (University of Southern California)

Title: Mathematical Wave Turbulence and Propagation of Chaos (Online talk)
November 4 Speaker: Chenchen Mou (City University of Hong Kong)

Title: Weak Solutions of Mean Field Game Master Equations (Online talk)
November 11 Speaker: Qingtang Su (University of Southern California)

Title: Long Time Behavior of 2D Water Waves (Online talk)
November 18 Speaker: Yi Zhu (Tsinghua University & BIMSA)

Title: Recent Advances on Applied Analysis in Topological Materials (Online talk)
November 25 Speaker: Wei Wang (Zhejiang University)

Title: Interface for Phase Transitions: Static Configuration and Sharp Interface Dynamics (Online talk)
December 2
Let's take a break.

December 9 Speaker: Dongxiao Yu (Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, University of Bonn)

Title: Asymptotic Completeness for a Scalar Quasilinear Wave Equation Satisfying the Weak Null Condition (Online talk, special time 4pm-5pm)
December 16 Speaker: Stefano Bruno (University of Bath)

Title: Optimal Regularity in Time and Space for Stochastic Porous Medium Equations (Online talk, special time 4pm-5pm)
December 23 Speaker: Yuning Liu (NYU Shanghai)

Title: Modulated Energy Methods for the Convergence of Allen-Cahn Equation (Online talk)
December 30
Cancelled due to early ending of the semester. See you next year.