2016 Workshop on Symplectic Geometry and Mathematical Physics



May 23-27, 2016


Lecture Hall, Jia Yi Bing Building, 82 Jing Chun Yuan, BICMR

Directions to BICMR

Title and Abstract:

Organizing Committee:

  • Huijun Fan, Peking University

  • Bohan Fang, Peking University

  • Shuai Guo, Peking University

  • Xiaobo Liu, Peking University

Scientific Committee:

  • Anmin Li, Sichuan University

  • Xiaobo Liu, Peking University

  • Yiming Long, Nankai University

  • Yongbin Ruan, Peking Unversity

  • Gang Tian, Peking University


  • National Natural Science Foundation of China

  • Beijing International Center For Mathematical Research, Peking University

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Mohammed Abouzaid, Columbia University

  • Alejandro Adem, University of British Columbia

  • Alexandr Buryak, ETH Zurich

  • Kwokwai Chan, Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Penka Georgieva, IMJ-PRG

  • Hai-Long Her, Nanjing Normal University

  • Jianxun Hu, Sun Yat-Sen University

  • Felix Janda, IMJ-PRG

  • Timothy Perutz, University of Texas at Austin

  • Brad Safnuk, Central Michigan University

  • Shanzhong Sun, Capital Normal University

  • Ran Tessler, ETH-ITS Zurich

  • Hsiang-hua Tseng, Ohio State University

  • Kazushi Ueda, University of Tokyo

  • Bai-Ling Wang, Australian National University

  • Gehao Wang, Peking University

  • Guangbo Xu, Princeton University

  • Zhengyu Zong, Tsinghua University


  • 5.23

    Monday morning

    9:30-10:30 Alejandro Adem

    10:45-11:45 Felix Janda

    Monday afternoon

    2:00-3:00 Brad Safnuk

    3:30-4:30 Alexandr Buryak

  • 5.24

    Tuesday morning

    9:30-10:30 Jianxun Hu

    10:45-11:45 Ran Tessler

    Tuesday afternoon

    2:00-3:00 Zhengyu Zong

    3:15-4:15 Kazushi Ueda

    4:30-5:30 Gehao Wang

  • 5.25

    Wednesday morning

    9:30-10:30 Hsian-hua Tseng

    10:45-11:45 Kwokwai Chan

  • 5.26

    Thursday morning

    9:30-10:30 Mohammed Abouzaid

    10:45-11:45 Penka Georgieva

    Thurday afternoon

    2:00-3:00 Shanzhong Sun

    3:15-4:15 Timothy Perutz

    4:30-5:30 Hai-Long Her

  • 5.27

    Friday morning

    9:30-10:30 Bai-Ling Wang

    10:45-11:45 Guangbo Xu

Accommodation and Travel Information:

  • BICMR will accommodate all speakers and invited participants in “Zhong Guan Xin Yuan” Hotel. By default, rooms have been booked for the arrival on May 22 and departure on May 28. The hotel is across the street of Peking University Campus, about 10-15 minutes’ walk to BICMR. If you plan to have an extended stay, please inform Yiwei Li (liyiwei@pku.edu.cn) so that we can make proper arrangements.

  • Other participants are responsible for arranging and paying for their own reservations for hotel accommodations.


  • There will be no registration fee. Please register through this link at your earliest convenience so that we can make proper arrangement for the workshop.