Bin Dong(董彬) CV

Associate Professor

Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR), Peking University

Office: BICMR77101; Phone: +8610-62744091
Email: dongbin {at} math {dot} pku {dot} edu {dot} cn






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Research Interests:

o   Wavelet frames, theory and applications.

o   Biological and medical imaging.

o   Image processing and analysis.

o   Deep learning


Research Projects:

o    Machine learning methods in medical and biological imaging and image analysis

o    Deep learning from applied mathematics perspective

o    Sparse representation on general domains (surfaces, manifolds, graphs, etc)

o    Approximations in image restoration


Research Funding:

o    图像处理中的数据驱动建模和在胃癌新辅助化疗疗效预测中的应用 (Data-driven modeling in image processing and analysis, and its application in prediction of curative effect of neoadjuvant chemotherapy for gastric cancer),北京市自然科学基金(Beijing Natural Science Foundation)重点项目Z180001201812-202212月,主持,200万。

o    精准医疗临床决策支持系统研发,国家重点研发计划SQ2018YFC09008120187-202012月,参与,2462万。

o    大数据驱动的优化建模与高效算法,国家自然科学基金重点项目1183100220191-202312月,参与(项目负责人:文再文),250万。

o    复杂区域上的小波框架理论及应用(Wavelet Frames on Generic Domains and Applications,国家自然科学基金面上项目1167102220171-202012月,主持,48万。

o    数据分析算法的融合与人才培养(Merging Algorithms in Data Analysis: Research and Education,国家自然科学基金专项项目数学天元基金1162624420171月-201712月,参与(项目负责人:张平文,北京大学),100万。

o    空气质量统计诊断模型(Air-Quality Statistics Diagnostic Model,国家重点研发计划2016YFC020770020167月-20206月,参与(项目负责人:陈松溪,北京大学),1603万。

o    冷冻电镜三维重构的关键算法究及应用(Study of the key algorithms for the 3D reconstruction of cryo-electron microscopy and its applications,国家自然科学基金重大研究计划集成项目9153032120161月至201812月,参与(项目负责人:刘红荣,湖南师范大学),232万。

o    Co-PI, Collaborative Research: Wavelet Frames for Variational Models in Imaging: Bridging Discrete and Continuum, NSF DMS-1418772, August 2014-July 2017. (Jointly with Dr. Jian-Feng Cai, Department of Mathematics, University of Iowa.), $170,000.



o    Aichi Chien, Bin Dong, Yu Mao, Stanley J. Osher, Apparatus and method for surface capturing and volumetric analysis of multidimensional images, USA patent 8472685, June 25, 2013.

o    Bin Dong, Barry Merriman, Stanley J Osher, Method and apparatus for image processing for massive parallel DNA sequencing, USA patent 8300971, October 30, 2012.