This workshop consists of two parts and takes two weeks: the first part is of summer school nature which is to invite 5 leading researchers in the field to give 3-hour mini-courses for graduate students. We will also arrange some junior researchers and graduate students to give their research reports and reading reports. The second part is a conference to bring together a group of researchers with broad range of expertise in the field of conformal geometry and geometric partial differential equations. It is to provide a venue for the exchange of ideas and the cultivating of further developments and growth of the research field.

Academic Committee

Alice Chang, Princeton University

Kong-Ching Chang, Peking University

Richard Schoen, Stanford University

Gang Tian, Princeton University and Peking University

Organizing Committee

Qing Han, University of Notre Dame

Jie Qing, University of California, Santa Cruz

Yuguang Shi, Peking University

1Part I: Mini-course

Jun. 22 - 26, 2015
Classroom 77201, #78 yard, BICMR

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2Part II: Conference

Jun. 29 - Jul. 3, 2015
Lecture Hall, Jia Yi Bing Building, 82 Jing Chun Yuan, BICMR

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